Mike Underwood is founder, president and chief corporate event planner at Underwood Events. Clients know him for his energetic spirit, uninhibited creativity and quick wit.

His 24 successful years in corporate event planning and destination management began at the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Mike quickly made a name for himself at this leading non-profit health organization, planning events around the globe. One of the challenges in nonprofit event planning – limited budgets – became the catalyst for the creativity that helped him develop spectacular, original events.

Six years later, Mike joined an international financial services company where he orchestrated ever larger events. While the sky was now the limit, his prior resourcefulness at MDA freed him to unleash his creativity further while controlling spend. In fact, over these past two decades, Mike has established top-tier negotiating credibility with vendors and venues alike. This is a competitive advantage he passes directly to his clients.

Mike is 100 percent hands-on with every client project. He believes you deserve to know who is behind the development of your event.