Amy Pearce is our vice president of event production, our boots-on-the-ground lead during an event.

We plan extensively. Every detail is accounted for. But stuff happens. Unpredictable, last-minute stuff. Having a written plan means very little without an unsinkable leader like Amy to take point position and ensure the details are executed.

Amy is recognized by her engaging, accommodating personality whether everything is going according to plan or severe weather that was “unlikely” according to the weather forecast is now headed for your venue.

She’s attended hundreds of corporate events, starting at a young age, so she has developed a lifelong expectation of the higher standard. Expectation – as in, she possesses an intuitive sense for what guests want and need. We’re convinced she can smell trouble.

Amy is also a master of air travel and, really, human logistics as a whole. She plans our group travel, funneling guests from all over the world to a single destination.