Destination Management

If your event will be in the Midwest, you want – make that need – a Midwest location expert.

Make Underwood Events your Destination Management Company (DMC), your gateway to the Midwest for corporate event planning. Milwaukee, Chicago and Madison events in particular have been our specialty since 2009.

Your event destination is more than a trendy venue. It is a deliberately chosen environment that resonates naturally with your brand and contributes a genuine voice to your story.

Event planning alone can spiral into a resource-consuming project, let alone adding site selection on unfamiliar turf. The easy solution is to choose a conference center with a decent price or one that a colleague visited two years ago.

Underwood Events knows the Midwest – its locations highlighted by character and its undiscovered gems. We consider your brand, your event’s purpose and your attendee demographics to select the perfect, and often unexpected, setting for your program.


“Think outside the box? That’s for people who believe originality
could ever be contained inside a box.”

The right destination gives your guests another reason to be excited about attending your event. For multi-day events, we plan offsite activities that give attendees the flavor of the area, including stops at the city’s best-known sights and experiences. We even arrange the logistics and transportation. All you have to do is go and enjoy.


Browse our photo gallery to view some spectacular destinations from past events.