At Underwood Events, we believe strategic corporate event planning makes all the difference in meeting company objectives.

You’re not planning a casual get together. You’re giving your guests the VIP experience from the day they receive their invitations to the moment they are thanked for attending and wished a good night.

President Mike Underwood plots every step for you – ensuring flawless function with a vigilant eye on the creative.

Take event registration: What is the anticipated journey a guest will take when entering the venue? How will the registration tables be dressed? What branded elements will be integrated into the setup? How many staff will we need to ensure no guest waits longer than 90 seconds? Should we dress our team with on-brand colors or go formal? At what height should signage be displayed? Will the first station be A through E … A through J? We’ll obtain a guest list to evenly distribute guests across all registration stations and reduce the time any one person has to wait. Which guest questions will we need to anticipate and cover during pre-event team orientation?

And that’s just registration.

This exercise repeats – for every human encounter, every audio-visual setup, every menu and bar setup, every entertainment component. We ignite the senses. Because nothing boring is memorable.

You can see what we believe by how we perform. Relentless strategy. Pervasive details.


What do you hope to gain from your event?

Here are some of the ways we believe a well-conceived event can benefit your organization and your goals:

REPUTATION Events generate positive buzz about an organization, before, during and after. Strategy determines to what extent.

CAMARADERIE Events reward staff and stakeholders for contributing to the company’s success. They emphasize culture, recognize teams, empower those who don’t yet recognize their potential.

PURPOSE Events get the job done more effectively, providing an aesthetically impactful environment to drive home crucial information or training. They activate engagement.