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When you are asked to pull together the theme for a client who is known for having the “best parties” you better be on your “A” game! We were asked to create an after-conference gathering, and it needed to be a home run.

So UE did just that… and created a virtual ballpark, where attendees could enjoy the best of America’s favorite pastime – peanuts and cracker jack, beer, a virtual batting cage, a pitcher’s challenge that tested their speed, a baseball-card photo booth and a chance to “meet” the legend, Babe Ruth.

This over-the-top event immediately wowed guests as they climbed the stairs to the ballroom and were greeted by a colorful, custom-created façade that announced their entrance to WEG Park, the host of the party. The ballroom was backlit throughout in the company’s corporate blue – which aligned nicely with the colors of the city’s Major League team. Custom signage overlaid large framed mirrors and highlighted the company’s products and image. The concession stand beckoned with snacks contained in custom-branded buckets, and fan apparel was available for the taking, including WEG jerseys, caps and foam fingers.

This lively party kept guests out of the seats and engaged with attractions spread out in the venue, from the virtual batting and pitching cages to the massive Operation game that stood xx high! Many WEG fans left with their own baseball card from the photo booth after rubbing shoulders with the greatest slugger of all time, a true-to-life Babe Ruth impersonator.

Not that we were keeping score, but this event was clearly a winner for our client.

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