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Changing your looks, your name, and your identity is a bold decision. One to be celebrated wildly. Shouted loudly. And unveiled dramatically.

The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, with affiliates in St. Louis and Denver, does amazing work supporting those living with HIV. Together they were announcing the adoption of a new, shared name and brand at a three-day summit for their 300 employees. Underwood Events was selected to conceptualize and orchestrate the summit from start to finish. UE dug deep into its creative talents, its deep well of preferred partners and its experience in high-touch, first-class event planning to create a spectacular unveiling.

There was just one small catch… the new name and brand was going to be a complete surprise to the guests who had no idea this was coming. The venue design, event theme, branding pieces, colors, typefaces, and signage had to spotlight the new look without giving away the secret too early.

The venue was drenched in black, white and scarlet lighting, fabrics, signage and design accents. Gourmet appetizers were passed and beverages flowed. DJ Shawna rocked the venue from an elevated platform keeping the scene upbeat and vibrant. Guests were invited to write inspirational adjectives on a large board that described “The New face of HIV Is…”. A photo booth captured candid shots that were to be featured (unbeknownst to guests) in the unveil later that night!

When the time was right, the organization’s president shared a few words and led the guests through a suspenseful countdown. One by one, the three individual logos, projected on the wall, blinked off. The room sat in darkness, until finally, a massive 60 ft. curtain fell to the floor abruptly, revealing the new logo and name: Vivent Health.  Guests were shocked to see their own faces, snapped mere minutes earlier, already incorporated into the new branding!

UE carefully choreographed every moment of the night and synchronized the unveiling perfectly with the lights and sound, to make an awe-inspiring impact that launched this new era for Vivent Health.

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