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This fun event had to encapsulate the theme of striving for excellence and offer a competitive element that was fully accessible to everyone at any athletic level. It also needed to be just 1-½ hours long! More than 100 attendees of a national sales meeting attended the Olympic-themed event that incorporated themes and ideas covered at the meeting. 

Underwood Events chose Helfaer Field (a beautiful Little League baseball field in the shadows of the Milwaukee’s Miller Park) as a venue. Competitors entered the field as Olympic athletes, complete with the well-known theme music and commentary by an authentic play-by-play announcer. The competitors, including the president of the organization, competed on one of eight teams and in five different games, all carrying the names and themes discussed in the sales meeting. An Olympics-style awards ceremony was held with the United States National Anthem in the background. The event ended with a tailgate-style cookout in keeping with the locale of Miller Park.

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