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Monkeys are always a fan favorite. Their cheerful exuberance is one of the highlights of visiting the zoo. Which made them the perfect mascot and theme for this year’s RexFest! For nine years running, UE has conceptualized, designed and run this highly anticipated employee picnic for a global company. This year 4,200 giggling children and grinning adults turned up for a perfect summer day at the Milwaukee County Zoo and were greeted by, you guessed it… monkeys. These happy-go-lucky chimps “hung out” at the registration table and were also featured on signage throughout the grounds. Even the UE team had a barrel of fun in their matching T-shirts.

The fun began long before the event… with illustrated RexFest invitations crafted from the imagination of a local children’s artist – and banana lover (ok, we have no idea, but c’mon, who doesn’t love bananas?).

Everywhere families wandered, monkeys followed. They peeked out from directional signage. From menus that pointed visitors to icy beverages and finger foods, like chocolate-covered bananas, perfect for eating and walking (or swinging from vines, if that is your thing). Goofy entertainers from KidsPlay Productions, buttoned into vivid red jumpsuits, handed out monkey-shaped cinch sacks to youngsters.

When it came time for some R&R, adults wandered over to the stage to enjoy the unbridled energy of the Love Monkeys, a hugely popular local band.  As the day wanted and guests left, they were treated to a final monkey good-bye… individual servings of sweet monkey bread, to go.

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