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Whether its ingredients are powering engines or contributing to a smooth, single- barrel whiskey, Lallemand Biofuels and Distilled Spirits has earned a reputation as a leader in the fermentation industry, supplying ingredients to ethanol fuel producers and distilled spirits companies.

The international company hired Underwood Events to host an upscale client appreciation reception while they were in Milwaukee for a large industry conference. UE strategically considered LBDS’s goals for the reception and the audience (predominantly male) as it developed the event to exceed the expectations of both.

These guests appreciated having a good time, so UE chose a Casino Night theme. It was hosted in the Milwaukee County Historical Society, known for its classic art-deco architecture. UE developed the event concept and handled the site logistics and branding, set the order of events, and coordinated food and beverage offerings from premium vendor partners.

Knowing these guests liked to be up and mingling, a menu of upscale pub cuisine was passed during the night as attendees took their chances at the craps, poker, roulette and blackjack tables spread throughout. It was all in good fun, with winners receiving funny money they could use to bid on auction items at the end of the night. But it was also good corporate citizenship; every table selected a specific action, such as a certain dice roll, that would trigger a $1 donation by LBDS to the Disabled American Veterans.

The company, because of its connection to the spirits industry, naturally had a long list of southern bourbons and whiskeys it wanted to offer guests. Some were quite obscure, yet UE was able to source and display them in a very hip and “cool” way… on custom-made bar backs made of stunning ice walls, embossed with the LBDS logo.

In keeping with upbeat nature of the event, The Big Al Wetzel Band filled the venue with hard-driving southern rock, and collected rave reviews all night. Amid this energetic event, UE created a few havens for those who wanted to chill a bit… a trendy VIP lounge with plush club chairs, couches and lamps, and a private, outdoor cigar bar that gave connoisseurs a range of high-quality selections to enjoy.

It was an event that was not to be missed – and it couldn’t be because of the massive LBDS-branded semi-truck UE commandeered and parked right outside the Historical Society! It was a fantastic event, fueled by the creativity and experience of UE and its team.

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