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Forget the traditional holiday party with eggnog and candy canes. This year, one company transported its employees back to the 1970s for a night of disco fever and jive talkin’. In a clever nod to the era as well as the company’s work in the mining industry, Underwood Events developed the night’s theme: “Can you dig it?”  and then orchestrated every detail from the event design and staging to the entertainment and the menu. 

This far out, chic event recreated the legendary Studio 54 scene, complete with custom gold and black décor and furniture especially brought into for the evening, including large palm fronds that were covered in gold, black and graffiti.  Tables were branded with the night’s theme and even simple chivari chairs were reinvented with black and lustrous gold paint, lending added style to the room.

The Boogie Men, the high-energy live band, kept the guests boogying all night long, often covered in feather boas, Elvis glasses complete with sideburns, gold chains and other fashion must-haves from the disco era.

More than 400 candles flickered throughout the venue, projecting a sultry ambiance reminiscent of the famous nightclub, and guests dined on an upscale menu that kept them doing the YMCA and the Hustle long into the night. 

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