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You might call this summer picnic the first of its kind – but it won’t be the last! Direct Supply, a major supplier of senior living equipment, hosts a family event every summer and for the last 12 years it has been at the same venue. But in 2018, it made the bold move of choosing a different venue -- a farm! Coincidentally, it was the very first time the farm had ever hosted a large corporate event on its grounds, a wonderland of bright colors and lush textures, a bewildering corn maze, and miniature farm silos and barns.

Underwood Events was the catalyst bringing the two groups together. The farm was interested in expanding its market and the use of its fantastic grounds and sought out UE for new ideas. UE saw perfect synchronicity between the family picnic and the expansive and perfectly coiffed venue. To gear up the farm for 1,500 attendees was a moo-mentous task, but UE was up when the rooster crowed to get it done.

First came UE’s branding and overall event design, which drew on vivid summer and fall colors in reds and oranges, emblazoned on everything from the welcoming and directional signage to nametags and T-shirts worn by UE “farm-hands”. A massive tent was raised to join a newly built and stunning barn, offering the 1,500 guests a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the barnyard-themed fare of the day which included caramel apples, sno-cones, nachos and a delicious BBQ lunch. But really, with a twisting and turning corn maze, ropes course, and pig races nearby, few kids (or adults) were sitting for long, especially when the candy cannon exploded, raining sweet treats into the sky for all! It was a spectacularly perfect day on the farm for everyone.

The day after the event, Direct Supply leadership called it the best summer picnic ever! UE was thrilled with the opportunity to lasso the very best vendors and staff to provide a fantastic celebration once again this year.

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