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The look of the night was sophisticated iron. The celebration? A gathering of employees from a financial services company in town for their annual meeting. UE created a “heavy-metal” street party at the Harley-Davidson Museum two weeks in a row. Outside, it relied heavily on steel accents and an industrial vibe. Everything had to be sourced, delivered and set up by UE on the main thoroughfare through the museum campus.

Leaning heavily into Harley-Davidson’s iconic colors and persona, UE created an urban street party, including massive lounge areas in the middle of the road, anchored with orange and black rugs, 1,500 feet of orange and black pennant flags, matching Adirondack chairs, sofas, and stark metal highboy tables with floral arrangements and lighting forged together from metal along with Harley-branded accents. Visitors were immersed in a sea of orange and black uplights and a large banner marked the party’s entrance but also served as the backdrop for the band that rocked the house.

At the far end of the party, a massive motorcycle ice sculpture directed partygoers to the bar, which was branded with the company’s meeting theme. In the heat of the summer, surrounded by a hip outdoor venue, delicious food and cool drinks, and great conversation, UE was thrilled to create an event for the guests that let them cut loose and chill out.

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