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Financial investing and agriculture share a few things in common. Both seek growth, but that growth can come with unexpected surprises amid the yields.

So, when UE was asked to design a gala event for a financial services provider to the agricultural market, we embraced that balance of strength and surprise. The result was a polished event with some non-traditional twists.

It was held in a stately ballroom, but instead of standard round tables typically seen in a corporate meeting, UE created what appeared to be an organic, random configuration of tables, from long farmhouse style tables next to intimate rounds and squares set on a diagonal. The room was fully saturated in the company’s corporate colors: aqua, green and teal - and it was hazed before guests entered, adding a dramatic smoky effect that showcased vibrant beams of colored light. The table décor was simple yet lush, with white candles in an eclectic assortment of clear glass holders, white flowers in globed terrariums and white metal water bottles set before each place setting, branded with the corporate logo and mission. Custom graphics at every turn, from the bar fronts to the multiple screens inside the room, carried the “Rise Together” theme. The design combined the best in contemporary and farmhouse-style design to create a sophisticated, but welcoming environment.

The original guest list was 1,400, so the event was divided into two productions, replicated over consecutive weekends. The client was so impressed after the first weekend that the following weekend was repeated down to the last detail without a single change.

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