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Turning three is a big deal – and not just for a toddler. No - when a successful Madison, Wis. investment firm wanted to mark its third year in business with a casual soiree, Underwood Events was recruited to conceptualize and orchestrate the celebration. However, UE doesn’t just do casual – we do unforgettable. And this event was no exception.

The venue itself set the tone with its spectacular modern architecture. It was held on the 13th floor of Ovation 309, a luxury residential building located just behind the Overture Center on Madison’s State Street and just steps from the Capitol. The private event space afforded guests a surround-sound-like view of the city from floor-to-ceiling windows.

Because the firm is a newer company, some of the guests, which included current customers, prospects, business partners and other centers of influence still needed to be immersed in the company’s vision. UE insisted on creating a powerful branding strategy to provide a window into the firm’s soul while adding flair and impact to the contemporary but unadorned space. UE asked senior management to provide key words and phrases that aligned with their philosophy or words and phrases they simply found interesting. These words were framed and displayed in the transom windows, drawing interest and spurring conversation.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the investment firm’s corporate color is a unique shade of green. UE sourced linens to match this custom color and added chartreuse and vivid white to the color scheme to create a freshness of texture and vitality. The colors were carried through everything from the signage and branded napkins to couch cushions and leather ottomans. Even the leafy, glossy flower arrangements, made of European aesthetics, contributing to the crisp green and white palette.

While the firm’s staff mingled with guests, UE acted as the official registrant, and set the mood for the event with their warm and professional overtures. Once inside, visitors could experience passed hors d’oeuvres, created onsite by Chef Sami Fgaier, and the subtle energy of Motown-inspired music that played quietly in the background.

Turning three – and celebrating the success that’s come in that short time, has never looked so good or been so much fun, and UE was privileged to ensure the festivities were enjoyed by all.

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