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Stop, collaborate and listen. The music artist Vanilla Ice may have coined these words first in 1990, but the Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Institute at the University of Nebraska made them its own as the organization launched its 2016 Water for Food Global Conference. Underwood Events served as its key partner, conceptualizing, planning and orchestrating the three-day event built on the theme, Catalytic Collaborations.

Every part of the conference tied into this vision, which focused on opportunities to enhance water and food security through public-private partnerships. The location of the event was consistent with its theme – it was held at the Nebraska Innovation Center, a public/private research center on the University of Nebraska campus, which is also the Water for Food Institute’s headquarters.

More than 60 esteemed speakers traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska, from around the world, and Underwood Events served as the travel concierge, arranging airfare, ground transportation and lodging, a Herculean accomplishment.
One of the highlights was a farm-to-table dinner at the Cornhusker Hotel. UE worked closely with the chef to ensure every ingredient was 100% locally sourced, a huge stretch for the kitchen. Another highlight was a Hollywood-inspired preview of the movie, Thirsty Land, a documentary on how water shortages are affecting America’s Southwest. The final night featured a Latin-themed reception and live band, celebrating the upcoming World Water Forum in Brazil.

Underwood Events created all of the branding for the event, and it was stamped on everything the attendees saw and touched… online registration, guest services kiosks, conference materials and signage, meeting room sets and promotional items. Once in Lincoln, UE also ensured guests were transported seamlessly between the hotel and the different venues. It was truly another example of Catalytic Collaboration, and one that UE was proud to be a part of, once again.

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