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Florida may bill itself as the Sunshine State, but during a three-day leadership meeting for Zurn, it was anything but, with rain, rain and more rain. The volatile mood of Mother Nature was no match for Underwood Events, however, which was hired by Zurn, (a water management company, ironically) to help plan and execute the meeting.

Set at the Ritz-Carlton in beautiful Naples, UE handled the research and selection of the venue, sourcing the best-in-class vendors including several that traveled from outside of Florida, handling contract negotiations and developing and orchestrating the production schedule for each day.

Using branding created by Zurn for the conference, UE immersed attendees in the sights and sounds of the company’s messaging, saturating every marketing aspect from the meeting room components, printed materials and signage, and audio visuals including custom video introductions for each speaker.

Naturally, since the event was in such a beautiful and tropical locale, UE planned for meals and activities to be held outside, but severe storms waylaid those plans each day. UE had to make quick adjustments, on-the-fly, to move everything indoors to different spots, maintaining attendees’ excitement and positivity.

UE worked with Zurn to conceptualize a lively team-building activity for the meeting based on a game show that challenges participants to complete feats of dexterity and skill in one minute. Thankfully, the clouds parted long enough for guests to enjoy the festivities outside, as planned. The meeting was a success, even under these constantly changing circumstances, thanks to the professionalism and poise of Underwood Events.

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