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Not all company events achieve their goals with white tablecloths or a live band. No, some do it with a famous speaker, impressive power equipment, five-gallon buckets and, of course, incredible food.

SealMaster of Wisconsin was that company. It approached Underwood Events to help plan its first-ever informational seminar for paving contractors. Because the owners had never held an event of this magnitude, UE did not just propose the event concept and budget, but instead, took time to methodically walk through each detail and decision to ensure they felt excited that the event and branding would meet their goals.

UE selected the Harley-Davidson Museum as the venue, a fitting choice since it, too, celebrates the power and freedom of life on the road. George Hedley, a world-renowned expert in the paving industry who usually appears at large, global conferences, served as the marquee attraction, speaking about pavement preservation and maintenance.

Road paving is a rugged, technical subject, and the environment and materials were creatively branded by UE to complement the tone of the seminar. Abstract tire tracks drove across all of the printed materials, room sets, and signage. Actual SealMaster machinery was driven inside the venue and displayed amid supplies. Construction orange, without the threat of closed lanes or zipper merges, greeted guests at the door and throughout the venue, on printed pieces, in the room sets, and the signage, signaling the direction of key areas.

That orange signage also announced, Pave it Forward, so named by UE to promote the client's charitable endeavor. The names of four attendees were drawn, and $2,500 donations were made, in their names, to the charity of their choice.

SealMaster’s informative seminar laid down a solid foundation to strengthen its relationships and market presence with clients, and Underwood Events is pleased to have been an instrumental part of that road trip.

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