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How does one transform an indoor sports court into a luxurious, welcoming location for an intimate holiday party? By working with Underwood Events.

The venue for this intimate holiday get together was the client's private residence, which had a well-appointed lower level, complete with an indoor sports court. Underwood Events was asked to develop and manage every detail of the event from the theme and invitations to menu and décor. Special attention was paid to transforming the indoor sports court into a festive room that complemented the traditional warmth of the rest of the home. A tall order, literally!

Over the course of a three-day build, wall-to-wall carpeting and floor-to-ceiling draping were installed in the sports court to create walls of soft color in green and taupe that literally transformed this functional room into a grand ballroom of sorts. Lanterns, lit by soft candlelight, beckoned guests to mingle and enjoy the small plate delicacies, and the dramatic bar area, framed by towering drapery drew in the guests, who enjoyed a generous supply of Veuve Cliquot champagne all night long.

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