Event Planning Photos  »  Company Family Picnic III

Animal prints are more than a fashion trend; they were the back drop of this client’s annual family picnic, held at the Milwaukee County Zoo!  This highly anticipated event treats the company’s associates and their families to a day of wild fun among the zoo’s more “permanent” residents.

The guests were greeted by a whimsical display at registration where they received de”tails” of the day ahead.  Every graphic, from the custom invitation to signage to nametags, was designed specifically for the picnic with artwork commissioned from a children’s book illustrator.

As they took in the sight of enormous elephants and playful primates, the guests could recharge at food and beverage stations catered by Zilli Hospitality Group, which featured an Americana-style picnic menu and experience, right down to the checkered tablecloth.

Live music wafted through the grounds from a local 50s rock and roll band and a youth performance group, which counted some of the associates’ own children as members. 

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