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Underwood Events is already known for the spectacular branded events we create, but we’ve also earned a reputation for managing the logistics of extremely large-scale events with professionalism, poise, and impeccable attention to detail, even under tight time constraints.

And when we say “large” and “time constraints” we are not kidding. UE was asked by an international healthcare company to handle onsite registration for its 30th anniversary celebration. A simple request, one might say. But in this case, it required checking in 1,700 guests – and it had to be completed in less than 45 minutes!

With such a short window to move a massive number of guests through registration, every scenario had to be considered and solutions pre-planned to ensure an efficient event flow. To propel guests through check-in, UE developed on-brand directional signage, but also stationed team members in the parking lot and at every entrance who warmly greeted guests and guided them forward to registration.

Registration materials were pre-printed, but on-demand printing allowed UE to also accommodate additional guests or make revisions to nametags quickly and in real time.

Once guests were comfortably inside the venue enjoying the celebration, UE switched gears, setting up and managing the distribution of a special gift that was personally distributed to guests as the event wrapped up. The successful implementation of this intense registration can be attributed to the robust foresight and precision planning that’s a trademark of every event orchestrated by UE.

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